The first time I felt the power of this yoga was when I was completing my Hatha Teacher Training. We shared Kundalini Yoga’s Aerobic Kriya and it was like NOTHING I had ever experienced in my life. In this particular kriya (set of exercises) we repeat seven different exercises while chanting powerfully from the navel ‘Har’ – (pronounced Hud). If you have a room full of woman – or any sex for that matter - chanting and moving in this way, you create incredible group energy, which is exactly what happened. It was tribal, it was massively self-empowering for me and it tapped into an inner warrior that had been dormant inside me for a long long time. I felt her rise and was immediately seduced.

Practising it soon became my daily ritual and I knew with every cell and breath in my body that I had found something so precious and special that I had to dedicate myself to it. I launched myself onto the path of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and studying the Kundalini energy continues to astound me beyond anything I could have imagined in this lifetime. I feel very, very blessed.

It is called the Yoga Of Awareness because as you create stillness, either between the exercises or during its meditations, it connects you to the Divine - within YOU and THAT is an experience that most people never get to have – for many reasons. It is also called the Yoga For The Householder, because as householders, we often find ourselves bombarded. We need tools. Tools that work and that work quickly.

Love.  Kundalini Yoga will teach you how to activate your heart.  The heart is a phenomenal instrument and it is with the beautiful experience of love, pouring through your whole being, that elevates you in this life.  When your heart is open you live life in love and experience the deepest sense of yourself.  It is your birthright to be happy and we must remember this and this stunning technology is the driving force that will take you there.

Behold The Light In You

Sat Nam

Hi friends,

I’m Lorraine and I am a devoted mother to two wondrous souls and married to a very special, creative man.  In my free time I love exploring Queensland and diving into its stunning nature.  I created Kundalini Love to share with you this ‘Oh So Powerful’, transformative, life-changing technology that is Kundalini yoga.

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“Behold the Light in You.”




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