Grabbing the monkey mind by the tail

In Kundalini Yoga we have three tools we use during meditation that will grab your mind and force it to be still. We use them either one at a time, two at at time, or all of them together, they are the breath, mudra (hand position) and mantra. You will be concentrating very deeply, which means that you can't possibly think about your work, your children's homework, shopping, home-duties...and your experience quiet. For some people who have never truly experienced this before, it is a very special moment.

The breath links us to NOW and it's in the breath where we can find a deeply nurturing place of stillness and acceptance, it's a place where all of our past and fears for our future can just melt away.

Mudra is the finger and hand positions that guides energy flow to the brain. The hands are energy maps of our health and each area of the hand connects to a certain part of the body or brain, representing different emotions and behaviours.

Mantra is the power of the word. Chanting mantra changes the chemistry of the brain and the chemicals? They make us happy! Making this perfect for people who suffer from depression and/or anxiety. Mantras can be very simple of they can be quite complex, either way they are extremely poweful.

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